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ASOTV Spin Mop V8 with 3 Mop Heads and 2 Handle Bars (Quad Device)


• Foot Pedal and Hand-press Device
• Mop Head Wash Rinse Device
• Mop Head Spin Dry Device.
• 3 Mop Heads, 1 Soap Dispenser
• 2 Handle Bars (1 Hand-press, 1 Non hand-press)
• 1 Year warranty on manufacturing defects
• Spare parts and repair service available

What’s in the box:
1 x Spin Mop V8 Bucket
1 x Hand-press Handle Bar – Green (2 parts)
1 x Non Hand-press Handle Bar – Red (2 parts)
1 x Mop Plate – Green
1 x Mop Plate – Red
3 x Mop Heads
1 x Soap Dispenser
1 x Instruction Sheet

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The ASOTV Spin Mop V8 is a revolutionary 360 degrees rotational mop system with a Foot Pedal mechanism which is powerful enough to spin off the water with ease and hygienically.

H-A-P-P-Y M-O-P-P-I-N-G with ASOTV Spin Mop V8!!!



  • Save cleaning time and energy. No more bending down. No more squeezing all your energy out to dry the mop head and mop the floor.
  • No more touching dirty mop head and dirty water ever again.
  • Floor stays dry after moping. No more slipping on a pile of water on the floor.
  • No more smelly mop head.
  • Easy to assemble, light weight and durable.
  • Multi-functions. It’s suitable to be used on any smooth hard surfaces such as marble, tile, hard wood floors, windows, doors, walls, furniture, cars and more! Wet/dry dual use.
  • Even can spin dry other small things such as towels. 

V8-Product Details










Product Details-V83HBS









































9 (a) Hand-press Handle Bar with Up / Down Lock (Green)
Note: Please hold the top part of the handle bar and off the lock when use foot pedal to spin dry.
         On and off the lock inter-change when use hand-press to spin dry.















































9 (b)Non Hand-press Handle bar with holder (Red)
Note: Please hold the handle bar holder when using foot pedal to spin dry.
         It only can use foot pedal device, no on and off lock for this handle bar.



Non Hand-press Handle Bar-01




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