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ASOTV Spin Mop V8 with 3 Mop Heads and 1 Handle Bar (Quad Device)


• Foot Pedal and Hand-press Device
• Mop Head Wash Rinse Device
• Mop Head Spin Dry Device.
• 3 Mop Heads, 1 Soap Dispenser
• 1 Hand-press Handle Bar (Green)
• 1 Year warranty on manufacturing defects
• Spare parts and repair service available

What’s in the box:
1 x Spin Mop V8 Bucket
1 x Hand-press Handle Bar – Green (2 parts)
1 x Mop Plate – Green
3 x Mop Heads
1 x Soap Dispenser
1 x Instruction Sheet

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  • Save cleaning time and energy. No more bending down. No more squeezing all your energy out to dry the mop head and mop the floor.
  • No more touching dirty mop head and dirty water ever again.
  • Floor stays dry after moping. No more slipping on a pile of water on the floor.
  • No more smelly mop head.
  • Easy to assemble, light weight and durable.
  • Multi-functions. It’s suitable to be used on any smooth hard surfaces such as marble, tile, hard wood floors, windows, doors, walls, furniture, cars and more! Wet/dry dual use.
  • Even can spin dry other small things such as towels.

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Hand-press Handle Bar with Up / Down Lock (Green)

Note: Please hold the top part of the handle bar when use foot pedal mechanism and off the lock.
         On and off the lock interchange when use hand-press mechanism


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