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Designer-Inspired Stylus Pen



Touch Screen Design
Weight: 16g
Length: 140mm
Diameter: about 10mm


1 x Designer-Inspired Stylus Pen
1 x Velvet Pouch



The perfect accessory for both handwriting and typing on a touch screen. The tip is a ballpoint pen and the other end can be used as a stylus. Filled with 100 sparkling clear crystals, the unique design features white lacquered metal parts and makes a great gift for smartphone and tablet users!

Swarovski Pen 3










2 - Swaroski_Pen-02









7  Color Designs:

  1. Clear Crystals / Black Body
  2. Clear Crystals / Blue Body
  3. Clear Crystals / Pink Body
  4. Clear  Crystals / Purple Body
  5. Blue Crystals / Blue Body