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Swivel Sweeper® Max

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Light Weight……Powerful………..Clean Floors Fast!
Benefits and Features
Easy to use
Super Sliders
Lightweight and Cordless
Swivels and pivots 360 degrees
Slides and glides on any surface
Touchless dirt tray
Powerful – picks up almost anything
Low profile design – gets under furniture

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Swivel Sweeper® MAX

The Swivel Sweeper MAX is the improved cordless floor and carpet sweeper with 33% more power with 4000 RPMs and a sturdier pole.

RCR Features RCR technology –
Removable, Cleanable, Reusable bristles
This technology allows you to remove the bristles for easy cleaning and removal of hair, twine etc. then just snap them back in place.

Swivel Sweeper Max-02 Swivel Sweeper Max-03 Swivel Sweeper Max-04 Swivel Sweeper Max-05 Swivel Sweeper Max-06


Take your cleaning experience to the max with Swivel Sweeper Max as seen on TV. Now with more power to pick up the tough stuff, stronger sturdier pole for better swivel control and removable bristles.

The Swivel Sweeper Max captures dirt and debris in its built in dirt tray and does not require expensive, messy bags. Simply press on the tabs located on the top of the sweeper and the dirt trap door opens allowing you to empty out the debris without having to touch the tray.

The Swivel Sweeper Max’s low profile design makes clean up under furniture a snap. After you are done using your Swivel Sweeper MAX, the head simply swings up to the pole and locks on with the magnetic latch that is built into the unit. This allows you to easily store it in the closet, hang it on a hook, or between the wall and your refrigerator.

Swivel Sweeper Max works on any floor – tile, wood, carpet and fits into tight places.

  • Corner brushes spin at 4000 RPM, making it easy to clean crumbs and messes along base boards and tight corners
  • 33% more powerful than previous Swivel Sweeper models
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Cleans in any direction
  • Now with removable bristles
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge.
  • Head snaps up for easy storage
  • Lightweight at 2 lbs
  • Imported

Product Packaging Weight: 1.11 kg

Product Packaging Dimension: 38.5 x 7.5 x 22.5 (cm)

Packages Includes:

1 x Cordless Swivel Sweeper

1 x 7.2V Rechargeable Battery

1 x Battery Charger

1 x Instruction Guide


















For initial battery charge, let battery charge for at least 8 full hours (the ideal is 10 hours). When recharging, charge time will vary dependent upon the amount of power that is left in the battery after its last use.

Recommended recharging time for the battery after completely depleting it is 6-8 hours. Battery may be left in charger for extended periods of time but DO NOT exceed 12 consecutive hours. Doing so may lead to shortened overall battery life. It is not necessary to wait until battery power is fully depleted before recharging.