ASOTV Snuggle Fleece Blanket With Sleeves

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Snuggle blankets is the amazing blanket with sleeves that will keep you warm and cozy all winter long.

You can lower your heating bill and keep your hands free while you snuggle your baby, talk on the phone, read a book or use your laptop.

With the Snuggle your hands are free to work the remote or talk on the phone. This one-size fits all Snuggle blanket is warm and makes a great gift.

Wear a Snuggle blanket for your next outdoor event, or use it to keep warm around the house while you save money all year round.

• Keeps you warm and cozy
• Oversize Sleeves
• Hands Free
• Machine Washable
• Makes a Great Gift

What’s in the box:

1 x ASOTV Snuggle Fleece Blanket With Sleeves

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Product Dimension (L x W x H in cm)  70 x 52 x 1
Package Dimension (L x W x H in cm) 27 x 10 x 27
Product Weight (in kg) 0.388
Package Weight (in kg) 0.535
Material  Polyester / acrylique
Color Blue

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