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ASOTV Mini Sewing Kits

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This light weight and compact sewing kit is specifically designed for travel. Includes all accessories needed for any sewing project and is great to help you organize and keep your thread collection and accessories neat. The recessed carrying handle makes toting it around practical and easy.

It’s so handy; you’d want to carry it everywhere! Keep your clothes intact or jazz them up anytime, anywhere. Altogether, there are 138 individual accessories for all your various needs and uses. You name it, and this kit has it. Never have fashion faux pas or woes again. Get your instant backup plan or fashion aid today!

Every Home and Traveler Needs a Companion Sewing Kit for Those Moments When a Button Pops, a Seam Bursts or Clothing Rips Unexpectedly.

Great for Home Use, for Backpackers, Business Travelers or for Use in a Survival or Bug-out Kit

MAKES A PERFECT GIFT for Beginning Sewers, College Students, Campers, Crafters, Kids and Teens.


• Light can carry anywhere
• Complete tool for sewing work
• no more issue on sewing now
• Portable and foldable storage box
• Suitable for home use or travelling

What’s in the box:

1 x compact folding kit box
1 x 24pcs color thread
1 x 1pc mini scissors
1 x 1 pc 150cm cloth ruler
1 x 1 box needles including 24pcs
1 x 1 pc needle adapter
1 x 1 pc plastic thimble
1 x 8 pcs white plastic button,10mm DIA
1 x 6 pcs white plastic button, 12mmDIA
1 x 6 pcs black plastic button, 12mm DIA
1 x 6 pairs trouser hook
1 x 20 pcs pin
1 x 5 pcs brooch
1 x 5 pcs 20cm pin silver color
1 x 5 pcs 28mm pin, gold color
1 x 4 pairs skirt hook
1 x 8 pcs snap fastener 6 mm size
1 x 6 pcs snap fastener, 10mm size
1 x 1 pc multi-button

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Product Dimension (L x W x H in cm) 12.5 x 10 x 17.5
Package Dimension (L x W x H in cm) 13.5 x 10 x 16
Product Weight (in kg) 0.330
Package Weight (in kg) 0.445
Color Blue


SEW-Mini Sewing Box-ASOTV-01 SEW-Mini Sewing Box-ASOTV-02 SEW-Mini Sewing Box-ASOTV-03 SEW-Mini Sewing Box-ASOTV-04 SEW-Mini Sewing Box-ASOTV-05 SEW-Mini Sewing Box-ASOTV-06 SEW-Mini Sewing Box-ASOTV-07 SEW-Mini Sewing Box-ASOTV-08 SEW-Mini Sewing Box-ASOTV-09 SEW-Mini Sewing Box-ASOTV-10 SEW-Mini Sewing Box-ASOTV-11


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