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You can easily trace any picture, photograph or illustration to make fantastic works of art. You can even make animated cartoons! With DiGi-Draw, you don’t have to be an artist to draw like one!

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Setting up your DiGi-Draw for the first time:

Open your DiGi-Draw case, and remove the styrofoam surrounding the two reflective panels. Then, snap the panels into their corresponding slots, making certain that the two panels are contained within the DiGi-Draw (see illustration). That’s it now you’re ready to Draw! When closing DiGi-Draw, the reflective panels will automatically fold into the unit without having to remove them.



How to use your DiGi-Draw:


  1. Place the image you want to trace on the reflective panel on the left (left-handers use the right panel). Use the two paper holders on the bottom of the reflective panels to secure your images.
  2. For images that are too small to be held with the paper holders (trading cards, photographs, etc.) you can use the two magnets to hold them in place. Just place one magnet on the image you want to hold and the matching magnet on the other side of the reflective panel.
  3. Now place a sheet of paper on the bottom portion of your DiGi-Draw. Right-handers should place the paper on the bottom right side; left-handers should place it on the left. Now, look at the reflection of your image on the clear panel. This reflection will now appear to float over the paper. To trace, just put your pencil on the paper and follow the outline of the reflection.
  4.  Make sure not to move the paper you are drawing on. If you do move the paper, just realign the reflection with the lines of your sketch and continue drawing again.
What you can do with your DiGi-Draw

Let your imagination run wild!

Draw on any surface:

With DiGi-Draw you can customize your favorite things. Trace almost anything onto T-shirts, sneakers, book covers, back packs and more! To do this, place the item you want to trace in the DiGi-Draw (see illustration).


How to make animated cartoons:

Your DiGi-Draw kit includes four cartoon scenes and four cartoon flip-books.

  1.  Let your imagination run wild. Place one of the four cartoon scenes on the reflective panel. Each scene contains 18 different images.
  2.  Next, place the flip-book on the bottom portion of the DiGi-Draw. Align the two holes on the flip-book with the red dots on image number one in the cartoon scene (see illustration).
  3.  Once the red dots are aligned with the holes, trace the image of the cartoon on the first page of the flip book.
  4.  Remove the first page and repeat the process with the remaining images.
  5.  Make sure you place each image you finish tracing on top of the previous one, creating a new, completed flip book.
  6.  Once you finish tracing all eighteen images of the cartoon, simply hold the flip-book with one hand and flip the pages with the other starting from the bottom (see illustration). Now you have your very own animated cartoon!


Making the most of your backgrounds:

Your DiGi-Draw includes four ready-made backgrounds. You can enhance your drawings by tracing them on the backgrounds, making your very own scenes.


Making greeting cards

You can easily make greeting cards using either the holiday sheets included in your DiGi-Draw or your very own images. Just follow these steps:

  1.  Take your drawing paper and fold it in half.
  2.  Next, trace your image on the front side; this will be the cover of your personalized card (see illustration).
  3.  Now, you can write your greetings on the inside or you can trace more images. It’s up to you!



You Get All This!

  • 1     Digi draw clipboard
  • 175 Images
  • 4     Color backgraounds
  • 1     Animation kit
  • 2     Magic hold magnets
  • 6     Colored pencils
  • 1     Pencil sharpener


  •  6     Magic pens