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UV Cell Phone Sterilizer


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Recent studies show that your smart phone, mp3 player, headphones,and other handheld devices are covered with more germs and bacteria than the bottom of your shoe! think about it…they come in contact with your hands, face, breath, ears, and different surfaces all day long. violight eliminates bacteria in minutes with advanced germicidal uv and ozone technology. in under 5 minutes your device is sanitized without fussing with abrasive cleaners, messy wipes, or liquid sprays that could potentially affect your favorite gadget. requires 3 AA batteries, not included3 l x 0.75 w x 5 h (inches)

You might use hand sanitizer every time you shake hands, touch a door knob or get off the subway, but it doesn’t matter. Your hands collect germs.

It’s a fact of life that germs are passed on to everything you touch. Since you’re currently reading this, it’s likely that you have a touch screen mobile device that gets touched a lot. No matter how hard you try, that touch screen is a veritable cesspool of germs.

The solution? The UV CELL PHONE STERILIZER. It uses two ultraviolet lamps powered by three AA batteries to mutate the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms (a.k.a. germs), rendering them unable to replicate (a.k.a. germicide.)






· UV germicidal eliminate bacteria and 99% bacteria

· Dual UV lamps

· sterilize your cell phone within 5 minutes

· Automatically turn on and off functions.

· Include a small device, such as headphones, MP3 player, mobile phone accessories-basket set

· Suitable for home or Office

· Batteries (3 AA battery), this product packaging not including batteries


Your phone may be one of your most useful electronic devices, no matter where you are. Facilitate communication of mobile phone is really convenient to contact, but frequently use mobile phones will create a perfect living environment for bacteria. These bacteria are risk for your health.

A phone sterilizer can sterilize device to your phone for a few minutes. It can also apply to ear plugs, and other small devices, and MP3 player disinfection.

Using method is very simple, you just removed the base silver cover, put your phone on the sterilization room, cover the lid, and then disinfection start automatically. When you see blue light, it`s working. The blue light will turn off when the disinfection is complete in less than 5 minutes,



Detailed Product Description

*Battery-operated Sanitizer up to 99.9%

*UV light shut of Automatically




Material: ABS

Color: silver, black

Dual UV bulb

Automatic on and off function

Suitable for home or office

Batteries (3*AA batteries)

Rated capacity: 15(W)

Voltage: 4.5(V)

Product size: 20*12.5*9cm

Gift Box Dimension: 12.5 x 9 x 20 cm



Safety Information

Do not immerse the unit in water, just clean with a damp cloth if needed



The sanitizing process automatically begins when the phone is placed inside the sanitizing chamber and the cover is secured on top of the base. The blue light on the front will pulsate blue and when the light shuts off your device is sanitized and can be removed from the sanitizing chamber.