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Scoop-It Handy Picker-Upper

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Just Swoop it, Scoop it, and Pour!

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Scoop-It Handy Picker-Upper

With Scoop-It you can easily bring all the food from the chopping board and into the frying pan without leaving a mess behind.

If you don’t like the smell of onions and garlic, simply scoop it and pour it so you never have to touch the food with your hands.

Now you will never have to burn your hands with hot food from an oven. If you have anything that is chipped, chopped, sliced or diced, use Scoop It and go straight from the chopping board to the bowl.

Scoop-It is made with BPA free plastic and the secret is the mitered edge, ergonomic design, and open-ended pour spout. It easily allows you to scoop and pour with ease.

It is designed for use by anyone, whether you are left-handed or right-handed, use it underhand or overhand. With Scoop It you can scoop the very last morsel with ease.

Scoop It is great for left over cereal or cookie crumbs, perfect for meats, and ideal for poultry. You can even use it for easy cleanups all around your house like picking up nuts and bolts, puzzles, marbles, even beads.

So if there is a mess or spill that you don’t want to dirty your hands, simply scoop it. Scoop-It is dishwasher safe.

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