ASOTV Pedi Pro Deluxe Callus Remover Kit





Pedi Pro Deluxe is a professional pedicure treatment that fits in the palm of your hand. This electronic personal body care system has a high-speed rotating head, with hundreds of ultra fine micro-crystals.

The head quickly, but gently, removes dead and hard calloused skin, while exfoliating and rejuvenating your feet. The result? Silky smooth, soft soles that feel like they’ve just stepped out of the salon.

Pedi Pro Deluxe has 2 different speed settings, and comes with buffing pads that will give your feet the perfect finishing touch. Skin shavings collect in the in- built storage tray, so there’s absolutely no mess. Safe and easy to use, Pedi Pro Deluxe is the perfect at home salon solution to dry cracked skin on your feet, toes and heels.


Pedi Pro Deluxe comes in a 12 piece set, which includes:


  • 1 x Pedi Pro Deluxe
  • 1 x Stainless steel blade
  • 1 x Buffing disc
  • 1 x Shaving tray
  • 6 x Extra buffing pads
  • 1 x Carry pouch

1 x Small cleaning brush

  • Electronic home pedicure system
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Removes dead skin quickly and gently
  • Includes buffing pads, for a perfect smooth finish
  • In-built shaving collector tray – no mess!
  • 2 speed settings
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  • Dimensions: 6.5cm (D) x 10cm (H)
  • Colour: Purple
  • Powered by 4x AA batteries (not included)
  • Two-speed option:
    – Low speed: exfoliation for sole and toes
    – High speed: callus removal
  • Rotating stainless steel micro-files slough away dead skin cells
  • Buffing disc and pads remove rough skin patches, calluses, and dead skin build-up
  • Built-in shaving collector tray
  • Lightweight with ergonomic design



Pedi Pro Deluxe is a newly introduced product in the market that can help withcallus problems. The best way to keep your feet from calluses is to wear comfortable, no-nonsense shoes. But can we really keep our feet from the power pumps, awesome boots and pretty stilettos? Of course we can, if we are planning to go to the gym. But if we are talking about our everyday routine, such as going to the office or out with friends, athletic shoes are not really part of our proper attire.  Let me remind you too that this doesn’t just pertain to the ladies but to gentlemen as well who use their leader shoes. The uglier part is, when you let these calluses get big, they might crack and become infected. Good thing thatPedi Pro Deluxe was born and we now have the answer in a small kit that fits in the palm of our hands.

The Pedi Pro package

It is usual and normal for people to neglect our feet because it is out of our sight so it is out of our minds. But if you look at it closely, our feet are pretty small compared to the responsibility that they were made for. They are burdened with carrying the whole of us whenever and wherever we want and where we should be. Most often than not, we only give them attention when they hurt, they are injured, infected or not performing as perfectly as we expect them to be. ThePedi Pro Deluxe package is an electric pedicure treatmentsystem with a rotating head able to move in high-speed. The head is composed of micro-crystals that will help removecalloused skin and at the same time rejuvenate feet. The Pedi Pro Deluxe comes with 1 stainless shaving blade, a buffing disc with 6 buffing pads, a shaving tray, a cleaning tray and of course with its super cute carrying pouch.

How do we get calloused feet?

Calluses are very common problems that even people as glamorous as celebrities can suffer from it. They are more common in women because of a woman’s nature in choosing her shoes. For example, since most shoes are narrow and usually we still force our toes inside them, our amazing body respond by thickening and forming a callus to protect the toes from too much pressure. They are caused by recurring friction and pressure due to misfit shoes, bad habits of walking and standing and even bad posture. If the shoes are the main culprit, and you can’t really avoid buying high-heeled shoes, you either have to buy extra cushions or get a pair which is slightly bigger than your real size.

Technically, we can’t really blame are body because it is just protecting our feet which is also a part of us. Calluses hurt because the push down the normal skin and the nerves below it. By using a pumice stone 4 times a week or more depending on the severity of your calluses, you can probably keep the situation under control. But for on-the-go women, this isn’t actually a part of their priority list because it takes a lot of time. They might just opt to hit the spa once a week but with a higher price tag of course.

What you’ll love about the Pedi Pro Deluxe

The first thing you’ll love about this product is that it comes with a pouch that will house each and every part of the package. You don’t want to spend precious money on something which will just get lost in a day or two right? Also, it comes with comprehensive instruction where all your future questions and possible scenarios you might encounter will be answered. I don’t have to spend time searching online or calling their customer service when there is a problem.

Also, even if it looks kind of scary, be assured that your feet are safe because in case you pushed too hard, this product will automatically protect you by stopping the head rotation until you release or decrease pressure. You can also use it in smoothing the areas around your toe nails to make them prettier. The buffing discs are what amazes me the most because of the smooth finishing they give your foot. It’s like a baby’s skin. And they will be that way for a few days. The best part is, there are 6 buffer pads that included in the pedi pro package that will probably last longer than the money you spent on it.