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Amazing Cake Stand – Multi-functional!

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The new 4 in 1 cake stand is the ideal accessory for those special events such as parties and weddings.

Not only can it be used as a cake stand, but it is versatile enough in its different forms to be used for several other functions, including as a trifle dish, punch bowl and serving dish for snacks.

When used as a cake stand, the dome lid is ideal for retaining freshness and preventing insects from spoiling your carefully prepared dessert at a garden party or barbecue. It can also be used as a salad presentation stand with a chip and dip server.

The lid has a capacity of 6000ml and can be used upside down on the stand to serve as a punch bowl, perfect for entertaining guests at parties and functions.

This highly versatile product is lightweight, can be transported easily and is easy to clean.

Save cupboard space with no need for multiple bowls and stands – the multifunctional cake stand will cater for all your needs.

What’s in the box:
1 x Dome Lid
1 x Chip N Dip Plate
1 x Stand

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This Multi-Functional Cake Stand Showcases the Perfect Blend of Function and Design

Place the domed lid over its matching stand to help keep cakes and cookies tasting fresh while also creating an eye-catching centerpiece for buffet-style dinners or holiday parties.

Cake Stand with Dome Cover

The clear Acrylic dome covers a footed plate for cakes or pies, plus it does so much more. The cake display stand is suitable for large cakes with an impressive 30cm diameter. You can also keep the cake covered using the dome lid to maintain freshness. Hand crafted durable clear acrylic dome with footed plate for cakes or pies reverses to a four compartment tray with an attached bowl.

Salad Bowl with 4 individual sections and large lettuce bowl

The salad bowl is used in the same configuration as the punch bowl with a large bowl for lettuce and 4 individual sections for tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onions and so much more.

Punch Bowl

The cake plate reverses to a four compartment tray with a detachable bowl. Simply remove the dome lid for a tiered platter, or combine with the cake plate to use as a punch bowl with a tray of fruits underneath. The dome lid can be inserted into the dip bowl to create a large punch bowl while the 4 individual chip sections of the platter can be used for fruit pieces.

Chip ‘N Dip Plate

The chip & dip platter offers a generous bowl to fill with your favourite dipping condiments. You can also utilize as an hors d’oeuvres plate with dip server. The platter features 4 individual sections to fill with chips, nuts, carrots, celery, broccoli and other foods that are great for dipping. You can also remove the detachable bowl to make it a covered crepe plate with a separate ample sauce server.

Versatile multi-purpose serving piece. Useful and creative item for your kitchen.

It’s a versatile platter, chip and dip server, punch bowl, cake and pie dome, salad bowl and plenty more. Doubles as a serving bowl with a ventilated ice chamber, ensuring salads, fruit and appetizers stay chilled. It allows for food and beverage to be displayed in true beauty and easily served to your guests. This elegant cake stand and party server will make an essential piece for your home or a perfect gift idea!


Cake Stand Features:
  • Measures approximately 8″ H x 12 1/4″ in diameter when assembled as a footed cake dome
  • 6 in 1 cake plate serves as a punch bowl and serving base, salad bowl or condiment dish
  • Can be reconfigured to serve as a chip and dip tray or cake plate
  • Multifunctional cake stand is made from 100% food-safe material; high quality clear durable acrylic
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

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Product Dimension (L x W x H in cm) 31 x 31 x 21
Package Dimension (L x W x H in cm)  32.5 x 32 x 18
Product Weight (in kg) 0.932
Package Weight (in kg)  1.229
Material Clear Acrylic
Color Transparent

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