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4pcs Index Chopping Board with Water Pan, One Side Knife Shelves (folding and unfolding each 2 pcs)

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Chopping & cutting boards become fashionable in the western world due to their unique style, eco-friendliness and durability.

Its eliminate cross-contamination and make food prep safe and easy! The Index Chopping Boards’ Color Coded categorization system provides you with 4 color coded boards so you can distinguish at a glance which board is intended for which use: red for raw meat, blue for seafood, green for veggies, and white for cooked foods.

To make it even easier, each board has an illustrated tab indicating what it’s meant to be used for. The 4 boards are stored in a neat ABS storage case. Plus, they’re staggered, so the right board is always readily accessible.

These boards are strong and durable. Unlike other cutting boards, Knifes won’t suffer from friction blunting on the compact structure of keeping them as sharp as possible. The strength of means that heavy duty cutting can be performed without concerns of shattering or splintering the surface.

The surface is also very safe when it comes to harmful bacteria, there is no grooves or gashes where bugs can hide whilst cleaning the surface. All foods can be cut on surfaces and with it’s flat surface they can be lightly hand-washed and dried in little time.

These cutting boards absorb very little moisture, so it’s not going to grow or shrink, it can keep shape for very long time.


Index Color-coded tabs make selection quick and easy
Helps prevent cross-contamination of different food types
Chopping boards fold in half for easy cleaning and storage
Boards are stored in staggered order for visual ease
Illustrated tabs provide at-a-glance reminder
Cooked food will never damage the board as its temperature tolerance can be as high as 130 centigrade
Contemporary ABS storage case with knife shelves
PP and ABS (FDA certified)
Absolutely safety for food contact
Dishwasher safe

What’s in the box

2 x Polypropylene Index Chopping Boards (un-folding)

2 x Polypropylene Index Chopping Boards (folding)

1 x ABS Storage Case with Knife Shelves

1 x Water Pan



CB-Chopping Board-01 CB-Chopping Board-02




Product Dimension (L x W x H in cm) :  36 x 10 x 25

Product Weight (in kg)                                :  2.18

Material                                                              :  PP and ABS (FDA/LFGB certification)

 CB-Chopping Board-03
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