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ASOTV 24 pcs Magic Bullet

RM299.00 RM138.00

• Smoothies and Protein Shakes… in seconds!
• Make Instant Snacks and Sandwich Spreads.
• Fancy Frozen Coffee Drinks!
• Make Complete Meals – Made and COOKED ?in the Magic Bullet.
• Perfect Frozen Cocktails – Right in the Party Mugs!
• Great for dusting your car, home furniture, mirror, computer and more.

What’s in the Box (21 pcs):
1 x High torque power base
1 x Cross blade
1 x Flat blade
1 x Tall bullet cup (550 ml)
1 x Short bullet cup (350 ml)
1 x Shaker top
1 x Steamer top
2 x Stay fresh resealable lids
4 x Party mugs
4 x Comfort lid tings
1 x 10-seconds recipe book
1 x Bullet blender & lid attachment
1 x Bullet juice extractor
1 x Bullet juice plunge

Additional Accessories (3 ps):
• 1 x Meat blade
• 2 x Rubber Gasket

After Sales Service:
• 1 year warranty on motor defects
• 1 year free repair and maintenance service. (chargeable on change of spare parts after 6 months warranty period)
• All wear and tear accessories and parts are available for purchase.

Note: Do not continuously use the machine for more than 1 minute to keep it last lasting

In Stock: 20 available

SKU: 24

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Does ANY job in 10 Seconds… or less

Make Life in the Kitchen… Easy!

Chop onions, mince garlic, grate cheese (hard or soft) and do virtually any job in the kitchen all in 10 seconds or less – with no mess and no fuss. Yet it takes up no more space on your counter than a coffee mug. It’s so versatile and so easy you’ll use it every single day of the week.


Smoothies and Protein Shakes… in seconds!

The Magic Bullet is the perfect 7-Second Smoothie Machine. Simply toss in fresh fruit, ice and a bit of juice or milk and you’ve got a delicious and nutritious Seven-Second Breakfast. Or add a scoop of protein powder for an instant fat-loss meal replacement shake. Losing weight has never tasted so good!




Make Instant Snacks and Sandwich Spreads 

Turn tomatoes, onions and hot peppers into zesty salsa in just 5 seconds – that’s less time than it takes to get out a knife and cutting board. Make taste tempting guacamole, thick, hearty bean dip or quicky quesadillas for the kids… all in 10 seconds or less. And with the Magic Bullet, yesterday’s leftovers become today’s mouth-watering lunchtime favorites. Now you can make fresh chicken salad – from leftover chicken – in less time than it takes to toast the bread.


Fancy Frozen Coffee Drinks!
Why wait 5 minutes and pay nearly $5.00 at the coffee shop when you can whip up fancy frozen coffee confections right in your own home for about 5 cents… in about 5 seconds!





Make Complete Meals – Made and COOKED  in the Magic Bullet   

Just toss fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, spices, even raw steak into the Bullet for 7 seconds, then pop it in the microwave and you’ve got hot fresh spaghetti meat sauce – from scratch – in less time than it takes to open a jar. From creamy Alfredo or Pesto sauces to instant homemade soups – even nacho cheese topping for chips – it’s so quick and easy everyone in your family can have exactly what they want. All prepared and cooked in the Magic Bullet. And all without dirtying any pots or pans.


Perfect Frozen Cocktails – Right in the Party Mugs!

With the addition of the Magic Bullet’s revolutionary self-blending Party Mugs, the Magic Bullet becomes the Ultimate Party Machine. Now everyone can have exactly what they want – frozen margaritas, dreamy daiquiris, perfect pina coladas — all made and served right in the same mug. With the Magic Bullet – if you’ve got 10 seconds… you’ve got a party!






Mastering the Magic Bullet® Blender “Mixing” Techniques is a snap!

Lock On Mode is the hands free mode you use to blend foods until they achieve a smooth consistency. This is the technique for preparing creamy dishes like chocolate moussesmoothies and frozen cocktails.

The Pulsing Technique is the one to use when you want chunky, textured dishes such as guacamole, egg salad or bean dip.
The most important thing to remember about “Pulsing” is that as you use one hand to tap down on the top of the cup, you need to use your other hand to apply counter- clockwise pressure to the cup.


Product Dimension (L x W x H in cm) 17.5 x 12.5 x 36.5
Package Dimension (L x W x H in cm) 33 x 26 x 27.5
Product Weight (in kg) 2.40
Package Weight (in kg) 3.00
Model TK9001
Color Silver  & Black
Voltage & Power AC230V  250W  50Hz

 Meat Blade & Rubber Gasket










Optional Parts and Accessories:


Meat Blade (RM30 )MAGIC BULLET-Meat
Inner Transmission (RM20)MAGIC BULLET-Inner
 Back Transmission (RM20)MAGIC BULLET-Back
Rubber Gasket (RM5 per pc)

Rubber Gasket

Rubber Gasket


24 pcs Magic Bullet-asotv-01 24 pcs Magic Bullet-asotv-02 24 pcs Magic Bullet-asotv-03 24 pcs Magic Bullet-asotv-04 24 pcs Magic Bullet-asotv-05